Plant an edible summer garden

Plant an edible summer garden

Living on the Northern Beaches, whether you’re in North Narrabeen, Narrabeen, Elanora Heights, Ingleside or Warriewood, comes with many benefits, and one of them is having the space for a garden or at least room on your balcony for a few pot plants.

The temperate climate means it’s generally easy to get things to grow if you work with plants that thrive in this environment.

With that in mind, why not create an edible garden this summer?

Getting started with an edible Northern Beaches garden

If you have never planted an edible garden before, the key is to start small.

Don’t expect to grow an extensive array of farm-quality veggies overnight. It takes work and practice to grow a successful edible garden, and it’s always wise to give yourself room to experiment.

Here are a few tips:

  • You can grow an edible garden in a number of ways, from flower bed or raised bed, or in a pot.
  • If you are not an experienced gardener, it is best to start with seedlings rather than seeds. Growing a plant right from a seed can be difficult, and not all seeds turn out to be viable. Starting with a plant that has already survived long enough to be a seedling puts you ahead.
  • Make sure your plants have plenty of sunlight and sit away from windy areas.
  • Think about possums and birds… they love to sink their claws in so find ways to protect your ‘crops’.
  • Maintain a regular watering schedule.
  • Invest in quality soil so you have a better chance of good results.

What vegetables can you grow in Australia in summer?

For a delicious edible summer garden on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables to choose from.

– Beans
– Beetroot
– Broccoli
– Cabbage
– Carrot
– Cauliflower
– Celery
– Chicory
– Chili
– Chinese cabbage
– Cucumber
– Eggplant
– Endive
– Kohlrabi
– Leeks
– Lettuce
– Okra
– Parsnip
– Potato
– Radish
– Rhubarb
– Shallot
– Silver beet
– Spring onion
– Sweet corn
– Sweet potato
– Zucchini

If you want an easy win while you experiment with fruit and vegetables, don’t forget that herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow in an edible garden.

Herbs to grow in your edible garden include:

– Rosemary
– Basil
– Chives
– Sage
– Mint
– Oregano
– Parsley
– Thyme

You can also grow fruit trees in Sydney, with tropical fruits like mangoes and paw-paws doing the best and lemons being a perennial favourite, but naturally, fruit trees will take much longer to grow and be ready for harvest.

Final tips

Seedlings should come with a guide on how to grow them, or you can find information online. Always follow the instructions because different plants need different care.

Gardening is hit and miss, often without a clear reason why. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again but be aware that a good crop one year doesn’t always mean the following year will be the same.

Where to find plants on the Northern Beaches

There are plenty of nurseries on the Northern Beaches where you can pick up the supplies you need and some sage advice.

Foley’s Nursery has served the Northern Beaches from Warriewood for 25 years. This family-owned nursery takes pride in providing the best quality plants and advice to match from their knowledgeable staff.
– Head to Ingleside and you will find Newleaf Nursery, not only a place to find a huge array of plants and supplies but also a fun place to visit. They encourage visitors to come and see their chickens, and they also specialise in edible plants including Aussie bush tucker.
– If you have larger scale works in mind, visit Powderworks Nursery in Elanora Heights. This vendor specialises in landscaping supplies and will even give you a free garden consultation.

Want to prepare your garden so you can sell faster this summer? Reach out to our team today.

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