Is it time to sell your Northern Beaches holiday house?

Is it time to sell your Northern Beaches holiday house?

While they have evolved to have a majority of owner-occupants, the Northern Beaches have long been a favourite spot for Aussies to buy holiday homes. Postcodes like Narrabeen and Warriewood still have plenty of ‘summer houses’, as do North Narrabeen, Elanora Heights, and Ingleside.

With people embracing the concept of ‘bleisure’ (business + leisure) and being able to work an extended long weekend from a holiday home, the idea of a beachside pad that doesn’t require freeway driving definitely has its appeal.

If you have a holiday home you’re thinking of moving on from, now’s a good time to explore your options.

The allure of the postcode 2101 holiday home

As every local will tell you, there’s no need to travel to far-flung destinations; here we have some of the best patches of sun and sand in the country. Whether you want to surf, paddle, sunbake or swim, there is no need to drive for hours up the coast.

For Sydney-siders, an easy trip to the Northern Beaches can feel like a different world.

For interstate or rural holiday home buyers, the Northern Beaches offer a beachside holiday atmosphere that is also only a relatively short trip from the centre of Sydney. There are plenty of restaurants and activities for children, and it’s an easy day trip to the CBD.

Selling your holiday home on the Northern Beaches

These are the reasons we are hearing from people who are ready to sell their holiday homes.

Interest rates: If you’re feeling the pinch from all the recent interest rate rises, now might be the time to sell. For the money you’re paying, you can stay in an Airbnb a few times a year without the stress of costly mortgage payments.

Growth and change: A holiday home is wonderful for a young family but as the kids grow up you might find yourself using your holiday home less and less. It could be time to hit the road with a caravan or to explore cruising or other adventures.

Portfolio changes: While you can rent out your holiday home when you are not using it, this does have drawbacks. Firstly, the busiest season is the exact time when you want to be using your holiday home, and it may be hard to find tenants at other times of the year. Short-term accommodation also comes with issues surrounding maintenance and cleaning that can be all too complicated. You may decide it is better for your real estate portfolio to invest in a property that is better suited to a full-time rental instead of leasing your holiday home to other people. With rental vacancy low in Sydney at the moment, now’s a good time to make the switch.

What buyers are looking for

If any of these points sound like they apply to you and you decide that now is the time to sell, here’s what buyers are looking for in a Northern Beaches holiday home.

Wow factor: Your holiday home needs to give a great first impression and look like a place where you can relax and chill out. Styling is important to showcase the lifestyle on offer.

Location: Homes that are within walking distance from the beach and shops will always sell for more. A quiet street is also a plus so make sure your agent mentions this in the listing.

Suitability: Is there an outdoor shower and somewhere to lock up bikes, surfboards etc? Is there room for bunk beds and extra visitors?

Condition: People who buy holiday homes don’t have a lot of time for maintenance so the place needs to be in ‘lock up and leave’ condition. Before you sell, look for the main maintenance issues and do what you can to resolve them.

Keep in mind that your holiday home may sell to people who want to move in full-time. Speak to your agent about how the property can be optimised for maximum attention from buyers.

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