Getting the most out of your photoshoot when selling

Before you can sell your Northern Beaches home, you have to get people excited about it. The best way to do this is with impressive photos in your marketing campaign.

The images you share have to give people reason to stop scrolling or slow down as they are driving/walking past. There is only so much retouching that can be done, so take a look at how to prepare your home and get the best photos for a home sale, whether you’re in North Narrabeen, Narrabeen, Elanora Heights, Ingleside or Warriewood.

Getting the best pictures

First off, don’t try to take the pictures yourself. It is always best to hire a professional with a camera that is made to do the job. 

A professional photographer will be able to capture each room so it looks spacious and light. They also have equipment to capture floor plan measurements and create 3D tours, which are becoming more popular. 

Retouching is part of the process as well. Once photos are taken, editing will remove any obvious dirt and make the sky look blue outside the window. Note that your photographer can’t edit things out that can’t be removed; for example a power pole or a beam inside your home. 

Preparing your home for photos

Even a professional photographer can’t work miracles. You will need to spend a few days getting organised and cleaning so your home is camera ready. 

Follow this checklist before the photographer arrives. 

The exterior

People will want to see a few exterior shots of your property, so you want it to look its best.

  • Ensure no cars are parked out the front or in the driveway when the photographer is there. They can obscure the view of the house and make it hard for buyers to see its potential.
  • Get rid of anything that’s lying around in the front and back yards. Whether it’s toys, bicycles, gardening hoses or tools, a caravan or boat or whatever else might be lying around making a mess or obscuring the house.
  • Do the same for your wheelie bins. They may be an essential part of any home, but no one wants to think about that when they first look at a property.
  • If you have a pool, remove the Kreepy Krauly and put away any other pool cleaning tools.
  • Get rid of any evidence of pets, such as bowls or pet beds.
  • Consider giving the façade and driveway a pressure-wash, or adding some fresh paint to the fence and front door. 
  • Lay fresh turf or put out some pot plants if your outdoor areas look a little drab.

The interior

Let’s start with a few tips that apply to the whole house.

  • Declutter and depersonalise. This is something that will need doing anyway, so it’s a good time to get started. Get rid of personal items and bits and pieces. Take down family photos and put away any excess books, rugs or other items taking up space. Hiring a storage unit can be the easy solution to clear clutter without having to make a lot of decisions.
  • Clean shower screens and mirrors, windows and carpets.
  • Same as the exterior, get rid of any evidence of pets.

Now let’s take it room by room.

Lounge rooms

  • Remove cabinets and cupboards that clutter up the space.
  • Take down family photos.
  • Hide chargers, cables and extension cords. 
  • Place a vase with fresh flowers to brighten up the space.


  • Make the beds and consider purchasing some fresh linen and throw cushions for that hotel-style look.
  • Clear your bedside and dressing tables. Lamps and maybe one ornament or book can stay.
  • Put away loose clothes and remove larger objects like clothes baskets or fans.
  • Ensure desks are neat and tidy and computer screens are off (or remove desks completely so the room looks more spacious).


  • Remove items like toothpaste, makeup, soaps, shampoos, razors, bath mats and whatever else. You want the bathroom to look as unused as possible. 
  • Buy fresh towels and fold them neatly on the towel rails.


  • Clear the benchtops of excess items like cutting boards, utensils, dish racks and any other bits and pieces.
  • Remove magnets and artwork from the fridge


  • Don’t leave any visible washing, even in wash baskets. 
  • Clear all surfaces and ensure any evidence of pets is removed.

Sheds and garages

  • Clean them up as much as possible and take out the car so that your garage looks spacious.


This phase of selling your home can be one of the most stressful. If you don’t know where to start, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Contact a decluttering expert to help you downsize your belongings
  • Hire cleaners to do the bulk of the work
  • Invest in a property stylist who can make your home look like it belongs in the pages of a magazine

Spending a little extra to get the job done will pay off in the form of a faster and hopefully more profitable sale.

Want help to sell your Northern Beaches property? Contact Hunter Estate Agents today. 

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