Easy ways to activate your front garden

Easy ways to activate your front garden

We all know the importance of curb appeal when selling a home. That first impression makes people either fall in love with your home or keep driving past.

But how do you activate your front garden? Whether selling your North Narrabeen, Narrabeen, Elanora Heights, Ingleside, Warriewood, Mona Vale home or not, here are some ideas that aren’t too time-consuming but can make a big difference to your home’s street appeal and make your front garden beautiful.

Add some seating

What could be more Aussie than sitting on the front verandah on a balmy evening?

Some furniture in your front yard is not only practical but can also add eye-catching appeal.

Adirondack outdoor chairs come in many colors, including the inviting teal of the Valencia Adirondack Chair from Temple and Webster. You can get creative, too, and use outdoor cushions to add more color and comfort to your chairs.

A bench can also add appeal to your front yard. Whether nestled among the garden beds or proudly displayed by your front door, a bench can be a gorgeous feature and a perfect place to sit and while away an hour or so on a pleasant day. Temple and Webster is also an excellent source for reasonably priced benches, including the Three-Seater Uriel Outdoor Bench and the Three-Seater Natural Santa Cruz Acacia Wood Outdoor Bench.

Hanging chairs are a perennial favorite as well. If you’re selling, check for spiderwebs that tend to gather over time.

Attract some local wildlife

An ornamental birdbath is another perfect attention grabber in any yard.

The birdbath itself will add a beautiful detail, and the birds that come to use it will add even more. Birdbaths come in all colours, and you can find one that suits your yard. Remember that any water feature will require some form of care. Wash your birdbath regularly to ensure it is clean and safe for local birds.

Think about your plants

An obvious part of your front yard that can’t be neglected is the vegetation.

There are countless ways to use the plants in your front yard to beautify it and add curb appeal.

Take into account the climate on the Northern Beaches and research what grows well there, as well as consider how much time you intend to spend caring for your garden. Native and tropical plants will fare best on the Northern Beaches. If you choose a more traditional cottage garden, you will need to spend more time caring for it.

Some ideas for an unusual front yard include planting a native veggie garden and creating raised garden beds. You could even plant an ornamental feature tree. It all comes down to the style of your yard. A yard that features more lawn can use a feature tree, while it might be lost in a front yard that is full of lush tropical plants.

Head to a local nursery like Foley’s or Flower Power, (both in Warriewood) and chat with the friendly staff for some advice on the best plants and trees for your front yard.

The garden path

A clearly visible garden path is not only practical for visitors, but it can also be a visual feature of your front yard.

Line your garden path with rocks or low greenery and ensure it is kept well-swept and clear for anyone stopping by.

Create a street library

A popular addition to any Northern Beaches font yard these days is a street library.

You may have noticed these little boxes full of books popping up all over the Northern Beaches recently, and it is very easy to create your own. All you need is to create a weatherproof box, fix it to your front fence and fill it with some spare books. Try to make it colourful and appealing so it catches people’s eyes, and make sure you get it registered with Street Library Australia so they can add it to their map.

If you want to put your street library on the verge, check with the local council because your verge is technically their property.

The facade

Increasing your curb appeal is particularly important if you are selling your home.

A pressure wash of the facade can make more of a difference than you’d think. You might be surprised how much dirt comes off your home with a good high-pressure hosing. Your home will look like new. We have recommendations for great tradespeople to do so, if needed.

Whether or not you paint the exterior as well will depend on your budget and how well it scrubs up after a hose down.

Finally, whether it’s on your house’s facade, by the fence or both, ensure you have a clearly visible house number so that people can find your home with little difficulty. Your Uber Eats drivers and home buyers will thank you.

Thinking of selling this autumn or winter?

Feel free to get in touch for a chat and any advice you may need about preparing your home.

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