Property Management Services


At Hunter Estate Agents, we pride ourselves on keeping you informed. We give you proactive communication and guarantee to advise you of all pertinent matters regarding your property.
Disputes with Tenants
Normally the relationship between our owners and their tenants is a happy one and it is our aim to keep it that way.
As part of this philosophy, our service extends to mediating between you and the tenant in the unlikely event of a dispute.
As an impartial third party with a great deal of negotiating experience in this situation, we often achieve amicable results to the satisfaction of both parties, without needing to resort to legal processes.
If Tribunal proceedings become necessary, we will skilfully represent you.
Financial Accounting & Reporting
At the end of each month you will receive easy to understand rent statements. We will email these to you in addition to sending them by post, along with copies of any invoices paid on your behalf.
We guarantee to have your monies in your bank account within 2 working days of our statement close off date, which is usually on the 28th of each month (however if this falls on a weekend then close off will be done as close to the 28th as possible). And you can either opt for mid month or monthly payments.
At the end of Financial Year we will provide you with a detailed Income and Expenditure Report for your property, saving you hundreds of dollars in accountancy fees.

We expose your property to a wide range of prospective tenants by using:

  • Internet
  • Prominent property signage
  • Open for inspections
  • Escorted private viewings
  • Our Comprehensive database
  • Relocation companies

How will we promote your property for lease?
Every available property is advertised on the internet. All internet advertisements for your property will include highly descriptive copy as well as photographic images of your property.
We will advertise your property in the Manly Daily, our local newspaper , on a Saturday, if required.
We will place one of our “For Lease” signs on the front boundary of your property wherever practical. It will be placed in a clear and visual position so that passing traffic can see that the property is for lease. A signboard promotes your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you choose we can also offer a photo signboard personalise for your property.
Open for Inspections
To accelerate the leasing of your property, subject to the availability of access, we will hold your property open for inspection on Saturdays and Wednesdays until it is leased.
Escorted Private Viewings
We will provide an unlimited number of escorted private viewings of your property while your property is for lease. We do not hand out the keys to your home.
Comprehensive Database
We maintain a detailed, up to date record of qualified, prospective tenants. Whenever a new property becomes available, we circulate the information to all potential tenants.
If requested, we can pay all your property outgoings on your behalf. Any outgoings we pay will be fully detailed on your monthly rent statement and any invoice/receipt attached.
Rent Collection
Handing over the responsibility of rent collection to us eliminates one of the owner’s greatest concerns. Knowing that your rent is going to be paid on time and worry free is vital to profitable management and your peace of mind.
Our system of rent collection is designed to ensure you receive the rent due to you promptly and that tenants are aware of, and live up to, their payment responsibilities.
We ensure your tenants have no excuse for late payment of rent by giving them the option of carrying out transfers from their bank account into our trust account. We also accept credit card payments, bank cheques, personal cheques and money orders to cater for everyone’s needs.
We review arrears daily and have a system of regular contact with tenants to ensure they pay their rent. If they fail to pay their rent after 14 days and with approval from you, they will be served with a Termination Notice. This notice usually brings prompt results, but if it doesn’t work, we will contact you to discuss whether to proceed with the termination of the tenancy or whether to allow the tenant more time to pay the outstanding rent.
Rent Reviews
Regular rent reviews are carried out in line with market trends to ensure your income is maximised, at the same time ensuring capital growth of your asset.
Repairs and Maintenance
We act on repairs according to your instructions and maintain complete records for future reference. We pay tradespeople on your behalf and full details are printed on your monthly Rent Statement with the relevant invoice attached for your reference.
We will happily co-ordinate any maintenance required on your property. We have an extensive list of qualified and reputable tradespeople who offer competitive rates for quality workmanship.
The tradespeople we use also understand our expectations when it comes to representing us and our clients. Of course, our clients have the flexibility to use or nominate their own tradespeople.
Emergency repairs would be at our discretion and in keeping with the strict requirements of the
Residential Tenancies Act.
All repairs and maintenance matters are supervised to ensure that the cause is fair wear and tear rather than carelessness or neglect.
Residential Tenancies Act
A thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act is essential to manage your property efficiently and every member of our property management team is thoroughly conversant with all aspects of the Act and the workings of the Tribunal.
Hearings are attended by your property managers who are capable of arguing any adverse decisions on behalf of our clients and of making quick decisions in our clients’ interest when necessary.
We use computer software to provide a highly efficient automated solution to all day-to-day processes. All internal systems are audited monthly.
Our fully documented procedures include checklists for everything to ensure the correct and efficient management for your property. Our checklists cover all areas of property management to ensure nothing is forgotten or overlooked whilst managing your property. Our checklists are constantly reviewed and updated to keep pace with our clients’ needs and requirements.
Preparing your Property for Lease
We recommend you provide your property in the state of cleanliness and repair that you expect the tenants to maintain. Tenants moving in to a clean, well maintained property are more inclined to keep it that way.
Your valuable asset requires an ongoing commitment by you. To maintain the competitive position of your property in the market, we recommend:
– Gardening
If there is substantial lawn area, the owner may consider including regular garden maintenance in the lease. The cost of this service would be factored in when deciding on the market rent. This will mean an extra person is regularly keeping an eye on the property for any problems that may arise, the garden will be maintained and will no incur the costs associated with long term neglect. Also the cost of the gardener is tax deductible.
– Gutters
The gutters should be cleaned prior to letting the property and then once or twice each year.
– Pruning
Trees and shrubs should be pruned at least once a year, particularly prior to winter if there are any large trees close to the property.
– Future Maintenance
Where possible, a percentage of the rental income should be set aside to cover anticipated future maintenance requirements. Eg. painting.
– Appliances
Instructions on the use of appliances and any valid warranty details should be supplied to the agent and communicated to the tenant to ensure correct usage.
Please contact us today on 9970 7220 to discuss these services and fees associated with the leasing of your investment property.